Month: June 2020

Project reviews

Necessary Clutch Wallet Project Review

A few years ago I purchased some patterns and materials from Emmaline Bags. While I sewed one of those projects soon after receiving my package, it’s taken me a while to get around to the next project. In this post, I review the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags. Purchase the product PDF here: Necessary …

Sewing tips

Sewing Non-medical Masks

ealth Canada has been recommending people wear non-medical masks (or fabric face coverings) in situations where physical distancing is difficult to maintain or unpredictable since May 20, 2020. Many stores and businesses that have re-opened are requiring that customers and/or clients wear masks. If you don’t already have masks, you may be wondering if it …

Project reviews

SUL Tarp Project Review

In my previous post, I reviewed the YAMA Bug Shelter; a diy net-tent kit with a catenary cut ridgeline. In this post I review the SuperUltraLight / SUL Tarp from This is post 6 in my do-it-yourself backing gear series. You can read parts 1 (modified Jones Tent II), 2 (Alpine Ruck Sack), 3 …