Month: December 2021


2021 Year End Review

2021 has been an eventful year. The covid-19 pandemic continues. Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and Space-X each launched their first civilian missions. Environmental catastrophes have been widespread. This is my 2021 year end review. I’ll review the most important things I learned small business-wise, my best/most useful sewing tips/skills and my favorite projects of 2021. …

Project reviews

3 Mug Rug Project Reviews

Mug rug are small quilts ranging in size from coasters to place-mats. They protect your tables, counters, desks etc from the bottom of your dishes and from crumbs and food spills. In this post I explore several different techniques for sewing mug rugs. This is 3 mug rug project reviews. For the purposes of my …