2022 Year End Review

2022 has been an eventful year. The covid-19 pandemic continues. The Freedom Convoy (Canada) and Trucker Protest (USA) inconvenienced many people. The ongoing war in Ukraine has been truly devastating. NASA’s Artemis 1 launch, unmanned mission and recovery were successful. Environmental catastrophes have been widespread. This is my 2022 year end review. I’ll review the most important things I learned small business-wise, my best/most useful sewing tips/skills and my favorite projects of 2022. I’ll also give you a heads up on my plans for the new year.

Small Business

I’ve been putting my copywriting and search engine optimization skills to good use. Health problems during the fall of 2022 have prevented me from working at my usual capacity.

Sewing Skills/Tips/Tutorials

The most useful sewing skill I learned in 2022 was fibre identification. You may have read about my burn tests to identify un-labelled fabrics.

I wrote 6 sewing tutorials in 2022: writslet key fob, how to sew a t-shirt quilt, crew neck to v-neck, emergency laptop sleeve (no sewing involved), breakaway lanyard, and mobile workstation pocket organizer. LOL… my emergency laptop sleeve didn’t fit in my backpack. I’ve been using my t-shirt quilt, mobile workstation pocket organizer, and deskmats nearly everyday since these projects were completed.

Favorite Projects

I love hiking and camping so it may not be a surprise that some of my favorite sewing projects of 2022 are hiking related. Hiker wallets were quick and easy to sew and so handy. Another favourite sewing project is my sleep mask. I’ll never overnight away from home without one again.

Planning Ahead

The end of one year is a good time to starting planning for the next year. I’m planning to do some more project reviews in 2023. Ideally I’d also create more Sewn By Tanya tutorials. In both cases I have some special projects in mind already.

In the fall of 2021 I purchased a course pack for small business bloggers from Ultimate Bundles. Topics include content creation, marketing and branding, monetization, planning and organizing, and SEO and traffic and social media. I’d like to devote more time to these materials and also to reading my marketing books.

Inflation will be hitting everyone harder in 2023. Both Etsy and Canada Post will be raising their prices so I’ll be doing so too. I’m planning to add some evergreen content to my Etsy store by converting some of my website tutorials into purchasable PDF downloads. I’ve also created a Patreon account and will be creating content for my patrons in the new year.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023!

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Sewn by Tanya 2022 Year End Review


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