Month: February 2022

Sewing tutorial

How To Sew A Wristlet Key Fob

This is a wristlet key fob tutorial. A common key fob design is black plastic with small buttons to activate various features of your vehicle. For example, locking and/or unlocking the doors, opening and/or closing the trunk and remote engine start and/or stop. If you and your significant other have the same boring key fob, …

Sewing tutorial

How To Sew A Flat Felled Seam

There are many different types of seams that can be used to sew fabrics together. A flat felled seam is one of them and this post discusses how to sew this seam, it’s pros and cons, and some of it’s applications. What Is A Flat Felled Seam A flat felled seam is an overlapping seam …