2023 Year End Review

2023 has been an eventful year. On May 5, 2023 the World Health Organization announced that covid-19 was no longer a public health emergency of international concern. The ongoing wars in Ukraine and the Middle East have been devastating. Severe weather events continue to plague many parts of the world. This is my 2023 year end review. I’ll review the most important things I learned small business-wise, my best/most useful sewing tips/skills and my favorite projects of 2023. I’ll also give you a heads up on my plans for the new year.

Small Business

I’ve been working to streamline my small business practices to improve efficiently. With extra tasks to complete, during the month, working smarter is critical. I have enjoyed taking a small break from my business to work on personal sewing projects. It’s freeing to sew without documenting all of the steps.

Sewing Skills/Tips/Tutorials

The most useful sewing skill I practiced in 2023 was adding a recessed zipper to a bag. You may have read a few notes about it in my Vignette Phone Crossbody Bag review.

I wrote two sewing tutorials for my blog in 2023: Square Bottomed Shopping Bag and Plastic Bag Dispenser. This shopping bag is indispensable whenever I buy a 30-count egg carton. I use my plastic bag dispensers every week.

Favorite Projects

I had a hoot sewing three bags for smartphones and other items in the spring. Every Day Carry is adjacent to hiking and backpacking so I reviewed three EDC projects: neck bag, waist bag, sling pack They were all a lot of fun. The Elmore Zipper Pouch is great option for keeping small items organized in larger EDC bags. I made some small improvements to my sewing space with Storage Pods, my In-progress Sewing Project Organizer, and Vinyl Project Pouch.

Planning Ahead

I want to continue my small business learning with some materials on marketing. I plan to focus less on project reviews and more on blog posts that don’t require me to sew. Sewing and documenting the process of creating is a time intensive way to create blog posts. Larger, more complex projects aren’t always worth the effort for a single blog post.

Inflation will be hitting everyone harder in 2024. Materials and shipping costs continue to rise. I haven’t forgotten about evergreen content. I have a short list of projects to convert/create as PDF tutorials. I may sell some in my Etsy store and some through Patreon.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2024!

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