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Accounting Software

At it’s most basic accounting is about keeping track of the money going in and coming out. Knowing this information helps households and businesses plan for the future. Accounting software is a tool to make the process easier. The first accounting software I ever used was a spreadsheet for budgeting in my personal life. I …

Business tips

Year End Inventory

Does your home based business have inventory? Mine does. The first time I did small business taxes, it was an unpleasant surprise to discover that I needed to know the monetary value of my year end inventory. My only option was to count all my fabric, hardware, zippers, and other items. It took a considerable …

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Swing Tags

In addition to sewing custom order and cross body bags, I’ve been doing some small business research this past month. This month I’ll be designing some swing tags (aka hang tags) so that my finished items will look more professional. For those of you who aren’t familiar with hang tags, this article has a good …