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New Year New City New Website

2016 was a year of changes at Sewn by Tanya. My previous work space was too small and there were too many distractions. Previous attempts to find an alternate work space were not successful so I took some time off in September to visit Saskatoon. I was pleasantly surprised to find a suitable place within …

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Swing Tags

In addition to sewing custom order and cross body bags, I’ve been doing some small business research this past month. This month I’ll be designing some swing tags (aka hang tags) so that my finished items will look more professional. For those of you who aren’t familiar with hang tags, this article has a good …



Since Oct 15, 2016, I’ve been volunteering with my local theater  group’s costume department. Their fall production is a steampunk version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  I’ve created a woman’s bonnet, sewn 53 luggage tags to help organize the costumes, serged a woman’s floor length skirt, and been part of the serge & sew …