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Buttercup Bag

Buttercup Bag pattern review

Periodically I browse the internet for new patterns to sew and review. The Buttercup Bag by Rae Hoekstra has been in my “to do” pile because it’s just so darn cute. When you sign up for Rae’s newsletter you’ll received a download link for this pattern:

Buttercup Bag

Note this pattern is for personal use only.

Here are my thoughts on this project.

The tutorial beings with some photos and a description of the handbag. Next are the finished measurements and materials list. Who knew you could make a purse with 2 fat quarters. That’s one each for the interior and exterior for the small Buttercup Bag. The recommended fabrics section indicates that quilting weight cottons should be interfaced. The pattern doesn’t use fusible fleece so I lined my quilting weight cotton. The cutting instructions include diagrams for cutting out the small and large sizes of the bag (I sewed the small size).

The sewing instructions begin with a note about the seam allowance. I always appreciate it when it’s easy to find the seam allowance information. The first four steps involve sewing the exterior. This includes a detailed descriptions and photograph of sewing the pleats. Steps five to seven are sewing the pocket and creating the interior of the Steps 8 and 9 are preparing the strap and attaching it to the bag. The last steps are sewing the exterior and interior together.

Here’s a photo of my finished Buttercup bag.

My Buttercup bag (Sewn by Tanya Project Review of Rae Hoekstra's Buttercup Bag)
Buttercup Bag

I really like this pattern. The instructions were clear and it came together quickly. I interfaced my quilting cotton fat quarter before cutting out the pattern pieces. l interfaced a scrap of cotton polyester blend for the interior. Between that and the interfaced quilting cotton exterior, this bag just holds it’s shape when empty. Using a heavier weight exterior (see the recommended fabrics section of the pattern for suggestions) would make the bag sturdier. Alternatively one could line the interior pieces with fusible fleece (or similar).I would make this pattern again… it’s just so cute!

Have you tried this pattern?


Sewn By Tanya Project Review - Buttercup Bag By Rae Hoekstra
Sewn By Tanya Project Review: Buttercup Bag

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