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Christmas Tree Ornament Project Review

In December 2018, one of my project reviews was a handmade Christmas tree ornament. Continuing with that tradition, this post will review the Felt Christmas Tree Ornament by Ami Marie of “This Heart of Mine Blog”.

The online tutorial for this project is available here:

Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Note this project is for personal use only.

Here are my thoughts on this project.

The tutorial beings with some amazing photographs and a few paragraphs describing the author’s motivation for creating the tutorial. Next is the list of recommended supplies and the printable size guide. Ami used white, cream and oatmeal felt for the ornaments in her tutorial. I used white scraps of felt leftover from making Travel Jewelry Cases (Travel Jewerly Case1 project review, Travel Jewerly Case2 project review)

Step 1 Cut your felt.

The printable size guide made it easy to cut the correct number of pieces of each different size square. I only used white felt but Ami’s tri-color design should be easy to replicate. Similiarly, you could use the 2 colors that best match your décor.

Step 2 Stack your squares

I recommend following the stacking instructions carefully. I didn’t and ended up making extra work for myself. Here is a photo of some of my stacked squares.

Stack of felt squares
Stacked felt squares

Here’s a photo of my all of stacked squares with the squares arranged in an offset pattern. It really does take the ornament from boring to something special.

Assembled ornament body
Step 3 Add the tree trunk

I used white glue instead of the recommended hot glue to attach my tree trunk and star. Unfortunately, white glue tends to saturate felt and makes it more difficult to adhere the pieces, rather than easier. I recommend that follow Ami’s instruction regarding the choice of glue.

Here’s a closeup of my finished ornament showing the tree trunk.

Closeup of finished ornament showing trunk
Step 4 Add the star and hanging loop

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any gold paint to paint my star with. I imagine that any brightly colored paint could be used according to your decor.

That’s it! There are only four steps. I’m looking forward to making some more of these ornaments to give as gifts.

Here are some photos of my hanging Felt Christmas Tree Ornament:

View of hanging ornament
Alternate view of hanging ornament
Closeup of bottom of ornament

I really enjoyed sewing this project. The well thought out instructions and photographs made it easy to put together. The three-dimensional effect was easy to achieve and results in an interesting looking ornament.

Have you tried this project? Have you sewn any other types of ornaments? Pin me & save for later!


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