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Date Night Wristlet Project Review

Wristets are great bags for those times when you either don’t have a lot to carry or don’t want to carry a lot. Alternatively use it to hold small items inside of a larger bag. In this post I review the Date Night Wristlet by Deby of

The project overview, link to the PDF tutorial and instructional video are here:

Date Night Wristlet

Note this project is for limited commercial use.

For the purposes of my review, I’m going to summarize the tutorial, tell you what I did differently (if anything) and share my general thoughts about sewing the project.

The tutorial beings with some photographs of a finished Date Night Wristlet and a description of the project. This fat quarter friendly project can be made using yardage and is suitable for beginners. The materials list, cutting list and recommended fabrics are covered next. Helpful hints and tips are scattered through the tutorial. This written tutorial includes a link to the video tutorial. I found the written tutorial sufficiently clear and didn’t refer to the video. Less experienced sewers will find the video helpful.

Materials for date Night Wristlet
Materials for Date Night Wristlet

The directions begin with seam allowance information and an abbreviation. I always appreciate it when this information is easy to find.

Step 1 Pocket

The tutorial states that interfacing and fusible fleece will be fused at each step. I read the entire tutorial before sewing and opted to fuse the main pieces and card pocket pieces at the beginning.

The pocket is made from the largest piece of a fabric and a piece of fusible fleece. The raw edges will be hidden in the side and bottom seams so only the top edge needed finishing. This is the simplest type of pocket that I’ve worked with.

Date Night Writslet Pocket
Step 2 Card slots

I top-stitched the top edge of my fourth card slot so that it would match the other three. This was the first time that I used this method for creating card slots. I found it much quicker and easier than the other method I’ve used.

I did have to read carefully to make sure that I was placing the card slot pieces correctly on the lining piece. Do use lots of pine to make sure your card slot pieces stay put when you’re sewing.

Purple card pockets on a green background
Card Pockets
Step 3 Straps

I’ve used this method for creating dozens of straps in the past. It’s my favorite method for creating straps and a valuable skill for beginner sewers to learn.

Purple strap and strap anchor on a green background
Strap and strap anchor
Step 4 Zipper

This tutorial assumes that beginner sewers have sewn at least one zipper before attempting this project. Numerous photographs and highlights are included for emphasis. Beginners who don’t have experience with zippers may also be able to get good results with this project.

Purple zipper assembly on a green background
Attaching the zipper
Step 5 Finishing

I like to turn my projects right side out to check that the seams are okay before clipping the corners or trimming the seam allowances. As is usually the case, it was nice to see that everything was as it should be.

I used the ladder stitch to close my turning gap. The edge of the large pocket was a helpful guide for making the seam straight.

That’s it! There are only five steps!

Here are some photos of my finished Date Night Wristlet:

Finished Date Night Clutch on a green backiground
Finished Date Night Clutch front view
Finished Date Night Clutch on a green background
Finished Date Night Clutch rear view
Open Date Night Clutch on a green background
Interior Date night Clutch

This tutorial is well written and beautifully photographed. It really made the instructions much easier to follow with so many photos to reference. I construction method was quick and easy. Describing this project as suitable for beginners is accurate and more experienced sewers will find it comes together quickly.

The eight card slots, large pocket and main bag hold a surprising amount for a wristlet. This small wristlets can easy hold even the largest smartphones. I can also hook my finger through the short strap when the large strap is not in use.

Have you sewn a wristlet? Did you or would you try the Date Night Wristlet tutorial? Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? Comment below and/or Pin me for later!


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