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DIY Yoga Strap Review

Now that my parents have resumed their yoga classes, three people sharing two yoga straps (while living in two different cities) isn’t working out. It became a much bigger inconvenience after I last visited them. I brought a black-with-white-accents yoga strap home with me thinking it was my white-with-black-accents yoga strap. For a while I had two and they had none. I decided to try making one, and I found some online tutorials I really like. In this post I’m reviewing the  DIY Yoga Strap Tutorial by The Artisan Life.

The online tutorial for this project is available here:

DIY Yoga Strap

Note this pattern is for personal use only.

Here are my thoughts on this project.

The tutorial begins with photos and a description of the author’s motivation for creating the tutorial. The instructions will make a 6 foot long yoga strap and there is a note about customizing the project for the length that you need. Required sewing materials and tools are covered next. Natasha (the tutorial’s author) recommends 1.25″ wide, heavy weight cotton webbing.

I had a length of 1” wide, heavy weight cotton webbing in my stash, and decided to use it instead of buying more webbing. The braided yoga straps that my parents and I are sharing are 1″ wide and about 1/2″ thick. A narrow, thick strap is much easier to hold that a narrow flat strap, so most people will be better using the 1.25″ wide cotton webbing.

Step 1:

The first step is cutting the webbing to the desired length and finishing the ends to prevent unraveling. My liquid anti-fray was nearly empty so I sewed a zigzag stitch over the ends of my webbing.

Step 2:

The second step is creating a strip of fabric. Natasha used a 6′ 2″ long and 2″ wide strip of fabric (or narrower) with a 6′ 2″ long and 1.25″ wide strip cotton webbing. The finished fabric strip should be the same length as the webbing. I had trouble deciding how wide to make the fabric strip for my 1″ wide webbing, so I cut a 2″ wide fabric strip with the intention of trimming it to fit later.

While not specifically mentioned, I did trim off the selvage edges from my fabric before I sewed my strip together.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - trim off selvage edges
Trimmed off selvage edges
Step 3:

Step 3 is finishing the short ends of the fabric strip and hiding the raw edges of the long sides of the fabric strip. When I folded the long edges of my 2″ wide fabric strip towards the center, I was left with a 1″ wide fabric strip.

Sewn by Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - 1" webbing & 1" fabric strip
1″ wide fabric strip & 1″ wide cotton webbing

It completely covered the width of my 1″ wide webbing. I didn’t like how this looked so I refolded my fabric strip until I had a width that was narrow enough to leave a border of a few millimeters of cotton webbing showing.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - comparing widths of fabric strips
1″ wide fabric strip versus 7/8″ wide fabric strip

The folded width that I liked the best was 7/8″.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - 7/8" fabric strip
7/8″ wide fabric strip

I trimmed my long strip of fabric to 1.75″ wide then followed the instructions in the tutorial.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - trimming fabric
Trimming fabric to 1.75″ wide
Steps 4 & 5:

Step 4 is attaching the D-rings to the webbing and step five is attaching the fabric strap to the webbing.

Amazing! There are only five steps and my finished yoga strap looks great. Here are some photos of my finished Yoga Strap.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - coiled strap on a yoga mat
My coiled DIY Yoga Strap on a yoga mat
Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - yoga strap stretched across width of yoga mat
My DIY Yoga Strap on my yoga mat

While it’s the same width as the braided yoga straps my parents and I have been using, it’s much thinner.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - braided strap versus flat strap
DIY Yoga Strap & DIY Braided Yoga Strap

I really like how it turned out. While functional it’s definitely not as easy to hold as a 1/2″ thick braided yoga strap. My hands are small, relative to the width of this strap, so I don’t think it will be a problem in the long run.

Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap - 1" wide strap comparred to small hand
1′ wide DIY Yoga Strap in my small hand

If you have larger hands, do use 1.25″ cotton webbing. I know I’ll be using 1.25″ cotton webbing if I make this project again. Given how many people practice yoga, this could make a good gift.

Do you use a yoga strap? Have you considered sewing one? Comment below and/or Pin me for later!


Sewn By Tanya - Project Review - DIY Yoga Strap

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