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Hanging Pocket Organizer Project Review

You may have already solved all your office and/or home office storage problems. If you haven’t or if you’ve recently added another activity (eg online learning, home schooling, fitness, creative writing, etc) you may be running low on storage space. This post is a Hanging Pocket Organizer review (project by Clara of

Find the free written and video tutorials here:

Hanging Pocket Organizer

This pattern is for personal use only.

For the purposes of my review, I’m going to summarize the steps, tell you what I did differently (if anything) and share my general thoughts about sewing the Hanging Pocket Organizer.

This pattern is rated “intermediate” and has an estimated completion time of 3 hours. The instructions begin with a photograph of a finished Hanging Pocket Organizer and a description of the project. Materials are covered next. Then we dive right in with the video tutorial and the text tutorial. I followed the video tutorial. I noticed a typo in the written tutorial regarding the size of the stabilizer pieces. You may wish to refer to the video for the correct measurements.

Step 1 Prepare Materials

I didn’t have the recommended stabilizer fabric. The stabilizer fabric I did have was a lighter weight so I applied medium-weight interfacing to one of the main body pieces to make up the difference. I don’t know if my vinyl is 10 gauge but I decided to use some anyhow.

Brown fabric, white stabilizer and brown binding strips on a green background
Gather materials
Step 2 Make Pocket Fronts

My fusible stabilizer only had adhesive on one side so I used some iron-on fabric adhesive strips to adhere the layers together.

Step 3 Add Trim To Pockets

As per the tutorial, sewers who don’t have access to 25 mm bias tape tools can buy continuous bias tape. Similarly, you may wish to do so if you don’t have enough of your second fabric to cut the binding strips or to save time.

I sewed all of my binding strips into a long piece of continuous binding that I could feed through my bias tape maker in one step.

Brown continuous binding tape on a green background
Continuous binding tape

The shortest distance between the seams in my continuous binding tape was ~ 18” so it was easy to avoid having a seam in the pocket trim.

Brown pocket piece on a green background
Pocket with trim
Step 4 Make Clear Label Pockets

I’ve used my vinyl for other projects (Luggage Tags, DIY Neck Wallet) but this vinyl finishing technique was new to me. I had to estimate which of my sewing machine’s preset zigzag stitches best matched the settings used in the tutorial. It took a little bit of practice to figure out exactly how far from the edge of the vinyl to sew.

Closeup of clear vinyl pocket on a brown Hanging Pocket Organizer
Vinyl window on pocket
Step 5 Attach The Pockets

I didn’t do as good a job cutting my main pieces as I had though and I ended up trimming quite a bit off the bottom of my Hanging Pocket Organizer. I left about 3/8” of material below the bottom pocket.

Step 6 Add The Trim

I sewed 3/8” from the edge when I sewed on the perimeter trim. I used a paperclip to help keep my continuous binding strip in place. If you’re using a paperclip, position it with the wider side up to avoid sewing over it.

Close-up of sewing brown trim onto a brown Hanging Pocket Organizer
Using a paperclip to hold trim
Step 7 Add Ribbon

My cotton ribbon is narrower than the recommended satin ribbon. The cotton was more difficult to slide through the fabric tube than satin would be.

Here are some photos of my finished Hanging Pocket Organizer:

Brown Hanging Pocket Organizer on a green backgrounhd
Finished Hanging Pocket Organizer
Brown Hanging Pocket Organizer hanging from 1 white hook
Hanging Pocket Organizer in use
Brown Hanging Pocket Organizer hanging from 2 white hooks
Hanging Pocket Organizer with 2 anchor points to reduce top pocket pinching

I like sewing practical items and this project is a great addition to any office space. I think the “intermediate” rating is appropriate as this project involves sewing binding and mitering corners. While it took me longer than the estimated 3 hours completion time, I think the estimate is reasonable. I know I would have been able to sew this Hanging Pocket Organizer much more quickly if I wasn’t stopping every so often to take notes and/or photos. My Hanging Pocket Organizer doesn’t hold its shape as well as the one in the video but it still works well. Adding a second anchor point reduces the crumpling of the top pocket. Adding a second anchor point reduces the crumpling of the top pocket. I solved the problem the pinching problem by inserting a 12” long, ¼” diameter dowel into the hanging loop and sewing loops at the ends of my ribbon to insert the dowel into. The Hanging Pocket Organizer easily holds letter-sized file folders, documents, clipboards etc.

I made a second Pocket Hanging Organizer for my A5 bullet journal, notebook and other stationary. My main pieces were 11” x 20”, my pocket pieces were 7.5” x 13.5”, my pocket stabilizer pieces were 9” x 6” and, I used ~125” of 2” wide binding strips. I used the same combination of stabilizer and medium-weight interfacing on quilting weight cottons and inserted a dowel into the hanging loop for stability.

A5 Hanging Pocket Organizer (white with pink flowers & green trim) in use
A5 Hanging Pocket Organizer

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March 20, 2023 Update

Recently I noticed that the 1/4″ dowel in the hanging loop of my letter-sized hanging pocket organizer was curving. I replaced the 1/4″ dowels of both of hanging organizers with 3/8″ dowels. These larger dowels are much stronger and just fit in the hanging loops without needing alterations to the organizers.

Pinterest image for "Sewn By Tanya Project Review | Hanging Pocket Organizer" showing brown Hanging Pocket Organizer handing from 2 white hooks on a brown vertical board

Pinterest image for "Sewn By Tanya Project Review | Hanging Pocket Organizer" showing brown Hanging Pocket Organizer hanging from a white hook on a brown vertical board
Pinterest image for "Sewn By Tanya Project Review | Hanging Pocket Organizer" showing brown Hanging Pocket Organizer on a green background

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