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How To Sew A Wristlet Key Fob

This is a wristlet key fob tutorial. A common key fob design is black plastic with small buttons to activate various features of your vehicle. For example, locking and/or unlocking the doors, opening and/or closing the trunk and remote engine start and/or stop. If you and your significant other have the same boring key fob, how do you tell whose keys are whose? A fabric wristlet key fob is a handy way to identify your keys and carry them.

This Sewn By Tanya project is for personal use only.


Wristlet Key Fobs can be made with a variety of materials including quilting weight cotton, ribbon, and webbing. Hardware options include key fob hardware kits, d-rings, snap hooks and split rings. I paired scraps of quilting weight cotton, fusible interfacing and fusible fleece with key fob hardware kits. This is how I made my wristlet key fobs.

  • Key fob hardware set
  • scraps of quilting weight cotton
  • scraps of fusible interfacing
  • scrap of fusible fleece
  • fabric marking pens/chalks
  • scissors or rotary cutter
  • ruler
  • iron & ironing board
  • sewing machine
  • pliers
Seam allowance: 1/8” (~0.3 cm)
Step 1 Gather Hardware & Materials

For each wristlet key fob, cut the following:

  • quilting weight cotton: 1- 2.5” wide by 13” long (6.4 cm x 33 cm) piece
  • fusible interfacing: 1- 2.5” wide by 13” long (6.4 cm x 33 cm) piece
  • fusible fleece: 1- 7/8”wide by 13” long (2.2 cm x 33 cm) piece

You will also need 1 set of key fob hardware. I used a 1” wide clasp and split ring hardware set. The clasp has a pair of prongs on the inside to grab the material and a bar to connect the splint ring to.

Materials for 2 wristlet key fobs
Step 2 Apply Fusibles

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your quilting weight cotton.

Apply interfacing

Fold the long edges of your rectangular strip over by 1/4” and press.

1/4″ fold along long edges

Fold your strip in half lengthwise and press.

Press in half lengthwise

Open your strip. Lift one of the 1/4” wide flaps and nestle the fusible interfacing under the flap with the glue side facing down and the long edges along the centre fold and flap fold.

Open & apply fusible fleece

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the fusible fleece in place.

Step 3 Sew

Fold your wristlet key fob in half lengthwise and pin the 2 folded edges together.

Fold & pin long edges

Sew the open long edges together using a 1/8” seam allowance.

Sew along open edges

Repeat for the long edge with a single fold.

Sew along closed edge
Step 4 Attach Hardware

Fold your wristlet in half width-wise and sew the short ends together with a 1/8” (~0.3 mm) seam allowance. Make sure the sewn end is squared off.

Sew short edges together

Slide the sewn end of your wristlet all the way into to the mouth of your key fob hardware and press the hardware closed with your fingers. Cover both sides of the hardware with a piece of rubberized shelf liner or a thick scrap of batting, fusible fleece or fabric. Use a pair of pliers to close the hardware the rest of the way. Make sure to press the left side, right side and centre equally.

Protect the clasp from the pliers

Slide the split ring onto the bar of the clasp. I broke a fingernail trying to open a split ring. You may wish to use a staple remover to pry the split ring open.

Your wristlet key fob is now ready for use. Here’s a photo of my finished wristlet key fobs.

Finished wristlet key fobs

A fabric wristlet key fob makes a quick and easy scrapbusting craft that makes any key ring stand out. Need a last minute gift? Wristlet key fobs are quick and easy to sew. Losing your keys in your purse, car, or home? A colorful wristlet key fob makes it easier to find them and you’ll never mix up your keys with those of your housemates again.

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