One Year Later

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared covid-19 a pandemic. It’s crazy to think that it’s one year later.

We’ve continued social distancing in an attempt to prevent the spread of this virus. Schools, universities, and businesses are closed to in-person activities or have reduced hours. Many concerts, sporting events, and religions gatherings have been canceled. Masks are required in most public spaces. International borders remain closed to all non-essential travel.

Until you have personal experience of this illness or know someone who has, it’s hard to really understand its impact. At one end of the spectrum are asymptomatic individuals and at the other end, those who have passed away. The majority of people who have this illness seem to fall someone in the middle. As of March 10, 2021, there have been 896,739 cases and 22,335 deaths in Canada  That’s roughly equivalent to 96% of the population of Ottawa, Ontario,  falling ill and nearly the entire population of Innisfil, Ontario passing away. The global statistics of over 118 million cases and over 2.6 million deaths are even more staggering. This illness is all to real to those individuals and their families..

A positive new development is that covid-19 vaccines are being distributed in Canada and several other countries. While a vaccine does not make the virus “go away”, it should lesson the impact of this illness for people who are vaccinated. Everyone, even those who are vaccinated must continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of this illness.

Most importantly, I want to thank all of the essential workers who enable us to meet our basic needs.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


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