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When you’re in the midst of a project, can your sewing space get disorganized? Maybe your sewing scissors, measuring tape, ruler(s), and/or marking pens and pencils always seem to go missing right when you need them. I’ve been there. Something that really helped me tame the clutter was a sewing caddy. I sewed one using the Fabric Editions instructions.

In this post I’m going to review the “Fabric Editions-Fabric Pallet Sewing Caddy” tutorial. Both the supply list and PDF instructions are available here: Sewing Caddy

I really liked that the supply list was included online and at the beginning of the pattern PDF. It me allowed to compare the materials I had on hand with the needed materials before committing to this project.

Sometimes a PDF instruction sheets for a sewing project include pattern pieces for you to cut out and tape together. Other times it’s a list of the pieces you will cut from each fabric. Still others will have a diagrams of each piece of fabric showing the cuts you’ll be making. I really liked that the cutting guide had both the written descriptions and diagrams that tell you what you’d be cutting from each piece of fabric.

The instructions were clear and concise and most steps included a diagram. As with many projects, you sew the exterior and lining separately then sew them together. I’d never made straps with a folded and stitched handhold before. I like how comfortable the finished straps feels in the hand.

Here are some photos of my finished sewing caddy. For fabrics A (exterior) , C (inside pockets) , and D (inside pocket lining) I used light-weight cotton with fusible fleece fused to the wrong side. For fabrics B (interior) and E (bag insert cover) I used cotton canvas.

Fabric Editions-Fabric Pallet Sewing Caddy (a Sewn By Tanya project review)

Fabric Editions-Fabric Pallet Sewing Caddy (a Sewn By Tanya project review)
Sewing caddy maintains it’s shape when carried

In addition to the numerous pockets, it has a stiff cardboard insert. This helps the caddy keep its shape when you are carrying it by the handles.

This sewing caddy works well for me. Since sewing it and filling it with my tools, I rarely lose my things when I’m working on a sewing project.

This pattern was well thought out and makes a useful, multipurpose item. I would make it again.

Have you tried this pattern? What did you think about it?


Fabric Editions-Fabric Pallet Sewing Caddy (a Sewn By Tanya project review)

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