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Sewing Machine Cover

My new sewing space has laminate floors and I find it extremely dusty. My sewing machine doesn’t have a cover, but I wanted to protect those delicately oiled moving parts from the dusty room. I started looking online for a sewing machine cover tutorial and the one that appealed to me the most was by “Sew4Home”. You can find the online and PDF tutorials for the un-lined cover I sewed here: Sewing Machine Cover

Here are my thoughts on this project.

This tutorial starts with a few sentences about why a sewing machine cover is useful. It was a cute little story. Next are the lists of tools, materials and supplies that you’ll need.

The first step is to measure your sewing machine. This means that each person using this tutorial will be able to customize their sewing machine cover. The next several steps describe how to cut your fabric to make a cover for your specific machine. There’s a lot of math going on here and I wish that the seam allowance had been had been stated earlier.

I wanted my sewing machine cover to match my sewing basket and thread catcher. I used the same lightweight cotton that I had fused with fusible fleece and cotton canvas as the accent. This meant a little bit of extra math for me to figure out how to cut and sew 5 pieces of fabric that would be equivalent of the 3 pieces described. Also my thread holder is vertical and I wanted the sewing machine cover to reach the bottom of the sewing machine when the thread spindle was fully extended. This meant added a little bit of extra length to each piece. I

Since this is an unlined cover, there are only 9 steps in the construction process. Photos accompany most of the steps and all are clearly and concisely written. At the end of the tutorial there are instructions for an optional pocket. This is one of those cases when reading the entire tutorial before you begin is important. The calculations were clearly explained and I didn’t have any issues, despite having altered the width of the strips in the first section of the tutorial.

Here are some photos of my finished sewing machine cover.

Sew4Home sewing machine cover (Sewn By Tanya project review)

Sew4Home sewing machine cover (Sewn By Tanya project review)

I really like how it turned out. The extra length works well for me. I like the bare bones/minimalist design and how easy it is to customize the cover for your machine and needs.

Have you made a sewing machine cover?


Sewn By Tanya Project Review: Sewing Machine Cover by Sew4Home
Sewn By Tanya Project Review: Sewing Machine Cover by Sew4Home

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