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Simple Clutch Project Review

Clutches are great bags for containing small objects. Their flat profiles make them especially easy to carry. In this post I review the Simple Clutch by ImazzPatterns

Download the free tutorial here:

Simple Clutch By ImazzPatterns

Note this project is for personal use only.

For the purposes of my review, I’m going to summarize the tutorial, tell you what I did differently (if anything) and share my general thoughts about sewing the project.

The tutorial beings with some photographs of a finished Simple Clutch and a description of the project. It’s described as “quick and easy” and suitable for beginners. The estimated time to complete the project, seam allowance, and symbol legend are next. Recommended materials and a cutting list are presented together.

Step 1 Cut materials

In addition to the indicated fabric, interfacing and fusible fleece, I cut two pieces of exterior fabric for a strap. The tutorial does not include instructions from making a strap, but I wanted to add a removable strap to my clutch. I cut a 2” x 13.5” strip for the main strap and a 2” by 3” strip for the strap attachment.

Materials for Simple Cltuch
Materials for Simple Cltuch

I pressed these strips in half and then folded their long edges toward the middle and pressed them again. Next I sewed both long edges together to create straps that were 1/2” wide. I folded the short strap around a 1/2” wide D-ring. I slid the longer strap through the ½ wide D-ring of a small lobster claw clasp, then sewed the ends together.

Red strap (top) and strap anchor (bottom) on a green background
Strap and strap anchor
Step 2 Design curve

I drew a 1” by 1” grid on a piece of card stock and used the diagram in the tutorial to approximate the curve. As per the instructions, I traced my curve onto the back of my exterior piece and my fusible fleece and fused these two pieces together.

Step 3 Sew

I sewed my clutch as per the tutorial’s instructions. It was easy to sew the top seam by following the curve along the edge of the fusible fleece.

Curved shite fusbile fleece and interfacing on the rear of the of the main panel
sewing along the curve of the fusible fleece
Closeup of top-stitching

Turning, folding and top-stitching are the remaining steps. I used a 10 mm halo snap for my closure.

That’s it! There are only three steps!

Here’s a photo of my finished Simple Clutch:

Red Simple Clutch on a green background
My finished Simple Clutch by ImazzPatterns

The description for this project is accurate; it is a quick and easy project for beginners and more experienced sewers. I didn’t time myself making it as I was writing this blog post and taking photographs as I sewed. I suspect the 30-45 minute estimated time for completion is realistic. The post is well written and the numerous photographs made it easy to follow along. This was especially true for for the shape of the curve and strap placement.

The curved front flap gives this clutch a unique and sophisticated look.The paid version of this pattern includes instructions for making additional flap shapes.

Have you made a Simple Clutch? Did you try the Simple Clutch tutorial? Comment below and/or Pin me for later!



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Sewn By Tanya Project Review Simple Clutch by Imazz Patterns


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