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Sunny Glasses Case

Sunny Glasses Case Review

In 2015 I purchased a pair of sunglasses from a drug store. They didn’t have a case so I searched the internet for free patterns and tutorials for making my own glasses case. The tutorial that I liked the best was the “Sunny Glasses Case” by Sheri at Thread Riding Hood. You can read the online tutorial and download the PDF pattern here:

Sunny Glasses Case Tutorial

My favorite thing about this tutorial is that the glasses case is three-dimensional and keeps it’s shape even when empty. I really does a much better job of protecting my sunglasses than a soft, flat case would.

Note this pattern is for personal use only.

Here are my thoughts on this project.

The tutorial beings with some photos, a description of the author’s motivation and the benefits of making this case (makes a great gift). The three closure options are also described: hook and loop tape, button and elastic, magnetic snap, and There is also an optional swivel clip and car visor elastic option.

Next is the materials list for the basic case and the optional steps. The “before you being” section describes how to print and assemble the pattern and, cut out the pattern pieces. It also provides tips for piecing the fabric together and making the hook and loop tape and flap marks.

Option 1 (hook and loop tape closure) has 18 steps and there is a photograph for each one. To summarize, create the exterior, then in the interior, sew the two together, top-stitch, insert the plastic canvas, then finish the seams.

For option 2 (button and elastic with swivel clip) most of the steps are the same. The tutorial describes how to make the swivel clip strap and attach the button and elastic loop. The third option is the magnetic snap closure. The two halves of the magnetic closure replace the hook and loop tape in Option 1. Option 4 is a hook and loop tape closure (or you could use the magnetic snap closure) and an extra piece of elastic for attaching the case to a car visor.

Here are some photos of my finished Sunny Glasses Case.

Sunny Glasses Case - pattern by Thread Riding Hood (Sewn By Tanya Project Review) open Sunny Glasses Case - pattern by Thread Riding Hood (Sewn By Tanya Project Review)

I used purple nylon for the exterior and lavender microfiber clothe for the interior. I didn’t have any fusible fleece so I used a piece of leftover insulation from the Ray-Way sleeping quilt. I quilted the insulation to the exterior fabric prior to beginning this project. Hindsite being 20/20, I should have split the insulation in half to reduce bulk. I also should have quilted the insulation in place before I cut out the exterior fabric. This would have prevented distortion of the exterior panel. I would make this pattern again.

Have you tried this pattern or any other glasses case pattern?


Sunny Glasses Case - pattern by Thread Riding Hood (Sewn By Tanya Project Review)
Sewn By Tanya Project Review; Sunny Glasses Case

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