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Sweet Bedside Caddy Review

I don’t have a beside table in my 500 square foot apartment. Maybe you don’t have a beside table either. Or maybe it’s full or just out of reach. This sewing project solves many of those problems: a bedside caddy that slips between your mattress and box-spring. I found the Sweet Beside Caddy tutorial on the Sew4Home website and decided to give it a try. The online version and PDF are available here:

Sweet Bedside Caddy

Note this pattern is for personal use only.

Here are my thoughts on this project.

The tutorial beings with some great photos and a description of the finished caddy. The “Sewing Tools You Need” section recommends a walking or even feed foot to handle the bulky layers. I don’t have this specialty foot and did have some trouble keeping the top layer feeding into my machine at the same rate at the bottom layers. Next is the list of fabric and supplies. It’s the most comprehensive list that I’ve reviewed so far. The “Getting Started” section describes what pieces to cut from each of your 4 fabrics, the interfacing and fusible fleece. The section includes notes on which fabric the Sew4Home team used to create their sample. I found this made it easy to follow along. Potentially one could also use this information to make a caddy that looked just like the sample.

The next section is called “At Your Sewing Machine & Ironing board” and describes the construction process in depth. Nearly every step (and there are many) includes a photograph. We are guided through the construction of the caddy body and pockets, in 43 steps. The final assembly and binding takes an additional 12 steps. While it sounds like a lot of steps, this highly detailed tutorial went quickly. I did find the instructions for making binding and mitering the corners lacking, but the tutorial included links to additional tutorials on working with bias bindings.

Here is a photo of my finished Sweet Beside Caddy.

Sweet Beside Caddy (Project Review by Sewn By Tanya)
Sweet Beside Caddy

I really like this pattern. The instructions were clear and it came together quickly. I would make this pattern again.

Have you tried this pattern?


Sewn By Tanya Project Review: Sweet Bedside Caddy by Sew4Home
Sewn By Tanya Project Review: Sweet Bedside Caddy by Sew4Home

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