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Travel Essentials Roundup

When I traveled a few summers ago I thought I had packed everything that I needed. Unfortunately a few important items were left behind. This is a travel essentials roundup.


I’ve traveled a lot over the years and my trips have varied in length from long weekend getaways in a nearby city to 90 day, multi-country journeys. Obvious items to pack include identification, payment methods, clothing, footwear, and toiletries. I clearly recall particular trips in which I had all of those obvious items, and ended up having to purchase other items. Those extra items are now my travel essentials.

1) Earplugs

Loud noises can be intrusive. When you’re trying to sleep or concentrate, earplugs can significantly reduce those repetitive sounds. I usually travel with foam earplugs. A few summers ago I forgot them at home and was given some moldable silicone earplugs by a family member. I’m looking forward to trying them out this year.

2) Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones and earbuds are another was to deal with intrusive sounds. My last flight was the first time I used noise cancelling headphones on an airplane. Wow… what an amazing experience. The engine and propeller noise was significantly decreased by my noise cancelling headphones.

3) Music

Whether on your smartphone or MP3 player, having a selection of your favorite music with you can be helpful. Music can affect your mood and relieve stress. It can keep you entertained when you’ve been delayed or have a long wait, energize your exercise session or help you fall asleep. I’ve used it for all these reasons.

4) Sleep Mask

Too much light for you to sleep? A sleep mask is an small, light, and effective way to block the light. See my sleep mask project review post for three styles of sleep masks you can make. There are also sleep masks with built-in speakers and headbands with built-in speakers (they can cover your ears and eyes) to combine your love of music with light blocking.

5) Essential Oils

If you love essential oils when you’re at home, take some with you when you travel. Be aware that the scents you love may be allergens for others. If you’re going to be in a scent-free environment (for example public transit) or somewhere where young children and/or pregnant or nursing people are likely to be, avoid using essential oils. Essential oil rollons and passive essential oil diffusers are small, portable and limit the range of the essential oils. I always take at least one essential oil with me when I travel.

6) Glasses Screw Driver

Do you wear glasses or sun glasses? Having the right screw driver to tighten or replace the tiny screws holding them together can save your day. The arm of my sunglasses or glasses has come off more than once and without the correct screw driver to fix it, I’d be in a real pinch.

7) Laundry Bag

How do you keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty laundry when you’re traveling? The longer my trip has lasted, the more useful it has been to have a dedicated laundry bag. Over the years, I’ve used plastic garbage bags, cheap polyester sacks and packing cubes for laundry. I prefer a packing cube. If you don’t have any yet, you can make some using the Melly Sews packing cube tutorial.

8) Personal First Aid Kit

Minor illnesses and injuries become an inconvenience when you don’t have any first aid supplies. Headaches, nausea, and blisters can easily turn a fun outing into an unhappy experience. One of my recent trips included a long detour to find a pharmacy when a travelling companion forgot to bring some personal first aid items. A few bandaids, headache pills, etc can easily be brought from home.

9) Keychain Medication Pill Box

Do you take regularly take vitamins, over-the-counter medication, or prescription medication? There have been many instances when my traveling companions and I were running late or changed our plans part way through the day. Not having a dose of your drugs when you need them can be a real problem. These easy to carry pill boxes are a compact way to carry some pills.

10) Foldable Shopping Bag or Backpack

Many people use re-useable shopping bags when they are shopping in their home communities. Fewer stores are offering carrier bags. Having a shopping bag or backpack when your trip includes outings to a festival, market or store is always convenient. When these bags and backpacks are designed to fold or roll up when not in use, they are easy to toss into your travel bags.

Here are some examples of free foldable bags and backpack patterns you can make.

  1. Sewn By Tanya Fat Quarter Tote
  2. The Sewing Rival Foldaway Shopping Bag
  3. Sewing Times DIY Foldable Shopping Bag
  4. I Think Sew Kailey Foldable Bag PDF Pattern
  5. Craft Passion Drawstring Backpack
  6. Sew Can She Easy Peasy Drawstring Backpack
  7. Sewing Times Easy DIY Packable Backpack

Each of us has a personal idea of what constitutes travel and the travel essentials that we need for each trip. This is my top ten travel essentials roundup.

Do you have any suggestions for additional travel essentials? Did you enjoy this travel essentials roundup? Subscribe so you don’t miss a post. Comment below and/or Pin Me for later.


Sewn By Tanya Pattern Roundup: Top 10 Travel Essentials


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