Since Oct 15, 2016, I’ve been volunteering with my local theater  group’s costume department. Their fall production is a steampunk version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  I’ve created a woman’s bonnet, sewn 53 luggage tags to help organize the costumes, serged a woman’s floor length skirt, and been part of the serge & sew assembly lines to create 8 vests, 6 skirts, and 4 angel costumes. If it sounds like a lot of work, it was. Keep in mind 12 people in the costume department, created customs for 40 actors, most of who had more than 1 role. Here are some photos of the finished projects:

53 luggage tags sewn for the costume department
53 luggage tags sewn to organize costumes
12 dancing girls from "A Christmas Carol"
8 vests & 6 skirts sewn for “A Christmas Carol”
Party guest from "A Christmas Carol"
Floor-length skirt sewn for “A Christmas Carol”
4 angels and lady from "A Christmas Carol"
4 angel costumes sewn for “A Christmas Carol”

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